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Reflection After Sleep. For Now, Images.

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Below is just an image of an amazing experience of performing “Chalk Boundaries” on the Mershon Stage as part of Wexner Center for the Arts’ Super Sunday event. I will post a more thorough experience soon. Michael Morris and Eric Falck have already posted great responses to their experience of the work that has helped me already think about the work differently in order to continue to develop it.

  1. February 8, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Hi dear,

    First, these images are simply stunning. What amazing documentation to have.

    Second, as much as I am thrilled if the words I wrote in any way support your continuing process with this piece or as a choreographer, it was my hope that even as I mentioned my lingering questions from the piece, that you would not feel as if I perceive the piece as in any way inadequate. To reiterate, I see it as extremely successful. As I hoped to convey in my post, the absence of apparent sexuality and deviation from expected body roles effectively brought up those qualities of “masculinity” within me as the viewer; in this sense, they still became a part of the piece for me. I think the question for us all as choreographers becomes what are the things that we want to address explicitly, and what are the things that we choose to address implicitly in the absence of explicit demonstration. None of us will make work that addresses the full gestalt of human existence, and yet anything/everything we make is situated in that infinite plane. Whether we address an aspect of existence directly or not, it is present, because we as makers and viewers are never removed from the breadth of that larger socio-cultural-political-personal situation.

    Too many words mincing what I really mean to convey, which is: I am pleased if you found my writing about your piece useful creatively, I am pleased if it gave you more to consider, but it is my larger hope that you are aware of the profound impression the piece has already left on me as a viewer.

    See you,

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