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New Work in Progress- Buddy

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve been thinking about this idea alot over the past week — an all male piece in an alternative space. I’m going to give it the codename Buddy.

I want Buddy to fuse degrees of masculinity. That’s a very broad topic, but similar to “Run”, I want to explore the many ways that masculinity manifests itself in our life experiences. Sort of like a landscape of social constructs.

I’m thinking video as well?  And presenting it in more of a gallery space. The more and more I look at the stage, the more I’m noticing its limitations as a space. Don’t get me wrong, the stage has a lot of great qualities but I’m interested in seeing how my work can operate in these different spaces.

Words that come to mind when thinking about Buddy:

Shoes, name calling, teasing, shoulder pads, tackle, chest bump, hug, handshake, mackin’, competition.

Oh dance…

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